North American rewards program

Travel is even more rewarding at Explorica. We are proud to offer the most generous, most flexible rewards programs in educational travel.

How it works

We offer two great rewards programs: Basic and Extra. Basic Rewards provides exclusive perks while keeping the tour fee as low as possible for your participants. Extra Rewards, our most popular program, grants access to all basic rewards as well as Big Group Bonuses and Travel Points—a flexible currency you can redeem for gift cards, electronics, airfare and more.

Explorica exclusiveExclusively at Explorica, both programs give you the freedom to convert cash bonuses to points, or point bonuses to cash. It’s your rewards, your way.

Basic Rewards

All Explorica program leaders receive the following:

Free travel

Enroll just ten paying participants and your trip is covered. And if you’d like to extend your stay after your tour, we’ll even cover the difference in airfare for your alternate departure date.

Flexible free place ratio

Explorica exclusive Explorica is the only company that allows you to decide how many free places you need for chaperones. We give you one free place for every ten paying travelers, but you can decrease the ratio to 1:5, or increase it as high as 1:20. We let you decide what’s best for your group. And, if you don’t utilize all the free spots you’ve earned, we give you a stipend in cash or Travel Points.

Family & faculty discounts

Want to bring a guest on your tour? We’ll extend a 15% tour fee discount to any family members or coworkers who join your trip.

Referral bonuses

Know someone who wants to lead a tour? Refer a friend or colleague and when they travel with us you’ll receive a referral bonus of $1,000 cash or 400 Travel Points.

Loyalty bonuses

Lead two or more trips with Explorica and we’ll thank you with a generous loyalty bonus. But it doesn’t stop there: The more you travel with us, the more loyalty bonuses you’ll earn. Ask your program consultant for more information.

Points matching

If you’ve earned points with another company, Explorica will match it! We’ll honor up to 1,000 points (and, of course, you’ll still be able to keep your points with the other company). You can use them however you like in the best rewards program in the industry.

Extra Rewards

In addition to all the Basic Rewards list above, Extra Rewards members also earn Travel Points and Big Group Bonuses.

Travel Points

Each student you enroll earns you Travel Points, a flexible currency you can redeem for incredible rewards. Points are calculated by multiplying the number of paying travelers by the number of days in your tour:

Travel Points = Trip length in days x number of paying travelers

For example, an 6-day tour with 20 paying travelers = 120 Travel Points. The more travelers you enroll, the more points you earn.

Big Group Bonuses

If you recruit more than 25 travelers for your tour, we’ll reward your hard work with a special bonus. The more travelers you enroll, the more you’ll earn!

For bus groups:

25 travelers = $200
30 travelers = $300
40 travelers = $500
80 travelers = $1,000

For flights groups:

25 travelers = $300
30 travelers = $500
40 travelers = $1,000
80 travelers = $2,000

Travel Point redemption options

What’s a Travel Point worth? Select from many incredible rewards:

cash rewards
Student Scholarshipsstudent scholarships
luxury hotel upgrade
Gift Cardsamazon gift card
electronics rewards
Personal Travelpersonal travel credits

Teacher Conventions
Beautiful locations for teacher conventions

Teacher Conventions are upgraded, adult-only tours that let program leaders and their guests explore fabulous destinations with other teachers who love to travel. These custom-designed tours follow a more relaxed schedule than student tours, and include exclusive experiences hand-chosen by our own staff. See upcoming conventions.

To learn more about our rewards programs, give us a call at 1.888.310.7115. Rewards detailed on this webpage are applicable only to tours within North America. For tours to international destinations, visit our International Rewards for more information.