Behavior guidelines

Explorica strongly recommends program leaders establish their own behavior guidelines and submit them to students and parents before their tour runs.

Behavior guidelines and policies

The establishment of any behavior guidelines and policies during the tour is at the discretion of the program leader. Participants who fail to abide by their program leader’s guidelines and policies may be sent home at his/her own expense and waive the right to a refund for any part of their tour fee.

Explorica’s Code of Conduct 

Educate yourself about the culture you’re visiting. Before you jet off across the world, do a little research. How do they dress? What do they eat? How do they say “hello”? This will help you adjust to the new environment and keep you from looking like a tourist. 

X marks the spot. Be where you need to be when you need to be there. Always come prepared with local maps, essential phone numbers, and a watch, so it’s easy for you to get to designated meeting spots on time. Scheduled activities are mandatory. If you need to be excused from an activity for any reason, please ask your program leader for permission in advance. 

Pay attention to your surroundings. In a new environment, there’s a lot to take in, but you need to stay alert. Be mindful of your safety and belongings at all times, so that you can avoid any mishaps while traveling. 

Listen to your program leader and tour director. Your program leader is responsible for your safety, and your Explorica tour director is an expert in every aspect of your destination. It is important that you listen to them and do what they say at all times. This means getting places on time, respecting curfew, and following all rules in place, so everyone can have a fun and safe experience. 

Organize your free time responsibly. Throughout your trip you’ll have periods of free time. During this time, you should always be with a small group, and never stray too far from your meeting place. Be sure to wear a watch, carry a map, and allot plenty of time to get to your meeting place early, so the rest of your group doesn’t have to wait. 

Respect the people and the culture. When you travel, think of yourself as a guest in someone else’s home. Even if foods, clothes, or behaviors seem strange to you, be understanding and accepting of the culture. 

Illegal activities will not be tolerated. The laws abroad may be very different from the laws back home, but no matter how strange they may seem to you, follow them! If not, you are subject to the legal consequences and immediate dismissal from the tour. 

Consumption of hard alcohol will not be tolerated. We do not permit excessive drinking on our tours. The allowance of a glass of wine or beer at meals is up to the discretion of your program leader if you are over 18 and of legal drinking age in the country you are visiting. 

Offer help and support to your peers, program leader and tour director. You’re all in this together! Whether a friend needs a hand lifting a suitcase, your program leader needs to get everyone quiet to call roll, or your tour director needs help learning someone’s name, lend a helping hand to whoever needs it. 

Damages are your own personal responsibility. If you break it, you buy it. If you damage anything in your hotel or bus or incur any additional fees (e.g. phone calls, room service, etc.), you will be held responsible and required to pay for it. If you notice any damage upon arrival, notify your tour director immediately. 

Experience the world and have fun! These rules are in place to keep your entire group safe, healthy, and happy on tour. Now it’s your job to get out there and enjoy the experience of a lifetime.  

Foreign travel and local laws

Participants agree to abide by all local laws while on tour and abroad, including those concerning drugs, alcohol and tobacco. If participants abuse or disobey local law they may be sent home at their own expense and waive the right to a refund for any of their tour fee. Participants should also be advised that if local authorities become involved, they will be subject to the laws and consequences of the country in which they are traveling.