Prague, Vienna & Venice

Prague, Vienna & Venice
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Day 2 Ahoj Prague
Meet your tour director and check into hotel
Prague city walk
Charles BridgeMala StranaOld Town SquareJewish Quarter
Details: Prague city walk
Feel the inspiration for Franz Kafka’s novels as you stroll the medieval streets of the Mala Strana (Little Quarter). Cross the Charles Bridge (lined with 30 lifelike baroque statues) to 13th-century Old Town to see the 15th-century astronomical clock in Market Square. Stop in Josefov (Jewish Quarter), to view Europe’s oldest synagogue, dating from 1270.
Day 3 Prague landmarks
Prague guided sightseeing tour
Hradcany (Prague Castle)St. Vitus Cathedral visit
Details: Prague guided sightseeing tour
Follow a professional licensed tour guide on a sightseeing adventure through the most prized city in Eastern Europe. As the former capital of the Holy Roman Empire, the city was built on beauty and decadence from a wide array of architectural styles (including Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau). See Hradcany (Prague Castle) where Europe’s grand ruling family, the Habsburgs, lived and reigned. Wander into the castle’s courtyard to view the richly textured flying buttresses of St. Vitus Cathedral, the sacred structure that took 600 years to complete.
Day 4 Prague--Vienna
Travel to Vienna
Vienna guided sightseeing tour
Schönbrunn Palace visitParliamentRingstraßeHofburgOpera HouseSt. Stephen’s Cathedral visit
Details: Vienna guided sightseeing tour
Join a professional licensed tour guide on a sightseeing adventure around Vienna, the city of brilliant musicians, Baroque art and architecture, and velvet-clad coffeehouses. Along your journey, you’ll sense the power and decadence of the city’s early ruling family, the almighty Habsburgs. Wander down the infamous Ringstraße, the series of boulevards circling the city, commissioned by Emperor Franz Josef in 1857. Pass the world-famous Opera House and the 450-foot Gothic St. Stephan’s Cathedral, Vienna’s most adored symbol. Encounter the Neoclassical Parliament, where the Austrian National and Federal Councils congregate. See the Habsburgs' winter retreat at the Hofburg (Imperial Palace). Inside lies the Imperial Treasury, which includes religious relics like the nails from the Crucifixion and the thorns from Christ’s crown. End the adventure with a visit to Schönbrunn Palace, where the Habsburg’s ruled until 1918 and six-year-old Mozart serenaded Marie Antoinette.
Day 5 Vienna--Ljubljana
Travel to Ljubljana
Day 6 Ljubljana landmarks
Ljubljana guided sightseeing tour
Old townTriple BridgeDragon BridgeLjubljana Castle visitRepublic Square
Details: Ljubljana guided sightseeing tour
The first thing you need to know about Ljubljana is how to pronounce it: Lee-yoob-lee-yana. Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about everything else this Slovenian capital city has to offer. True to its historical significance, the Old Town center of Ljubljana remains intact despite two major earthquakes over the past 500 years. The rebuilding process did however create a unique blend of architectural works, as evidenced by the varied styles of the St. Nicholas Cathedral, St. Peter’s Church, The Triple Bridge and The Dragon Bridge—the latter of which is nicknamed “mother-in-law” due to the fearsome dragons on its four corners.
Day 7 Ljubljana--Venice
Details: Travel to Venice via Trieste
One of the lesser known, yet equally enchanting cities of Italy is the charming seaside village of Trieste. Featuring spectacular views, stunning architecture, a warm and welcoming culture and a storied history, a visit to Trieste is filled with pleasant surprises. From the many museums, castles and cathedrals to the pubs, trattorias and plazas, Trieste offers something for everyone.
Day 8 Venice landmarks
Venice guided walking sightseeing tour with Whisper headsets
St. Mark’s SquareSt. Mark's BasilicaDoge's Palace visitGlass-blowing demonstration
Details: Venice guided walking sightseeing tour with Whisper headsets
Bubbling up on more than 100 islands in a lagoon off the Adriatic, Venice is an absolutely unique and unquestionably beautiful city. Step into Piazza San Marco, an airy expanse of arches, sunlight, and pigeons. The multi-domed Basilica on one end, completed in 1094 but decorated for centuries afterward, is the final resting place of the apostle St. Mark, Venice’s patron saint. The mosaics beneath the basilica’s outside arches depict the arrival of St. Mark’s body, stolen from Egypt in 828 by Venetian traders. The frothy Venetian Gothic Doge’s Palace stands next door. Continue on to a glass-blowing demonstration. Venetian glass has long been considered the best in the world, and its production was such a state secret that during the Middle Ages, any Venetian glassblower who attempted to ply his trade outside the city was immediately arrested.
Day 9 End tour

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    Day 9 Start extension to Rome
    Travel to Rome by train
    Rome city walk
    Spanish StepsTrevi FountainPantheonPiazza Navona
    Details: Rome city walk
    Baroque-en hearted? Revive your spirits with a walk past Rome's most beautiful and unusual Baroque fountains. At the foot of the Spanish Steps, elegant cafes once favored by visiting Brits and Americans surround the central fountain. The water pressure here was so low that the artist had to sink the fountain into the ground to get any water going through it, so he went ahead and designed the fountain to look like a sinking ship. There's no shortage of water pressure at the nearby Trevi Fountain, a Baroque extravagance designed by master sculptor Bernini. At the Pantheon, you'll see the largest concrete dome ever constructed. An oculus, or hole, in the dome lets sunlight into the beautiful temple, dedicated to all the gods.
    Day 10 Rome landmarks
    Rome guided walking sightseeing tour with Whisper headsets
    Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel visitSt. Peter’s Basilica visitColosseum visitPiazza VeneziaForum Romanum visit
    Details: Rome guided walking sightseeing tour with Whisper headsets
    Gods and gladiators, glory and gore. Ancient Rome lives on in its spectacular monuments, flavoring the frenetic present with tastes of the past. Don a space-age Whisper headset to get the inside scoop on the most spectacular, the Colosseum, a grisly battle arena that seated more than 45,000. An enormous retractable roof awning system kept spectators cool on sunny days. The nearby Forum provides a glimpse into everyday ancient life, with markets, meeting places, and temples all combined into one vast space. Move into Christian Rome at St. Peter’s Basilica, the triumphal Renaissance church flanked by rows of columns radiating outward like welcoming arms. Within the church Michelangelo’s masterpieces are on display, the “Pietà” in the main church and the recently restored ceiling frescoes and “Last Judgment” in the Sistine Chapel. Continue your trek through time at Piazza Venezia, site of the enormous monument to Victor Emmanuel II, Italy’s first king, and of the Palazzo Venezia, where Mussolini set up his headquarters and from whose porch his mother was said to eavesdrop on citizens below. (The Sistine Chapel is closed on most religious holidays and Sundays, except for the last Sunday in each month).
    Day 11 End tour
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