Costa Rican Highlights

Costa Rican Highlights
See the bubbling 6,285-foot-high Rincón de La Vieja Volcano, ride a horse to the cooling hacienda’s waterfalls, kayak on Arenal’s pristine lake, make your way up to Costa Rica’s Cloud Forest in Monteverde, and see cows, horses, and cowboys in Guanacaste.
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Day 1 Hola Rincón de La Vieja
Meet your tour director, travel to Rincón de la Vieja & check into hotel
Day 2 Rincón de La Vieja National Park
Optional  Canopy zip line tour  $50
Horseback ride
Day 3 Rincón de La Vieja--Arenal
Travel to Arenal
Details: Rincón de La Vieja Volcano Park visit
The vaporous clouds of this area were once said to hide a witch, a local princess whose angered father had thrown her husband into the volcano. The devastated princess retreated into the volcano’s shadow, where she spent the rest of her life concocting spells for the town’s residents. The volcano’s name, “The Nook of the Old Woman,” comes from this legend. View this haunting landscape of bubbling craters as you approach this 6,285-foot-high, very active volcano.
Details: Hot springs visit
Let the volcanoes take you away. At Arenal’s hot springs, bubbling lava fields heat the waters to make nature’s own jacuzzi.
Day 4 Arenal--Monteverde
Details: Lake Arenal kayaking tour
Glide along the still waters reflecting the perfect cone of Arenal Volcano and the surrounding rolling hills. Lake Arenal, the country's largest, is also among its most scenic, and the area has become popular area to kayak, windsurf, sail, fish, and hike.
Details: Travel to Monteverde
Because of its humidity and latitude, the entire city of Monteverde can disappear in a second under a massive cloud cover. Founded by Quakers in 1951, the city boasts the best in Costa Rican creatures. Observe a proud display of howler monkeys, revered quetzals and native frogs in the dense cover of the cloud forest.
Day 5 Monteverde landmarks
Details: Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve night walk
Rrribbit. Venture into the cloud forest at night for an amphibious symphony. Most of Costa Rica’s famous frogs are nocturnal, making this evening walk a great opportunity to both hear and see the colorful creatures. The tiny Tink Frog, often no more than an inch long, is making the metallic clanging noise you hear (hence its name), while the flashes of red you see might be the Red-Eyed Tree Frog hopping from leaf to leaf. Get up close and personal with 25 other species at the frog pond, where crayola-perfect reds, greens, yellows, and blues mark the inhabitants. Just watch which plants you stand under -- mistletoe is also native to Costa Rica, and not every frog will turn into a prince!
Details: Santa Elena Biological Reserve visit
Get your spider monkey fix as you climb into the clouds. The Santa Elena Reserve reaches high into the atmosphere, bringing the cloudy mists into its lush forests and letting you see all the way to the Arenal Volcano.
Details: Local school visit
Take the opportunity to enrich a Costa Rican school with gifts of notebooks, pens, erasers -- all basic supplies that few students here can afford. Learn how rural communities are working to give their children educational opportunities in extremely difficult conditions, often with dozens of students in all different grades taught in a single classroom. We will stop to pick up supplies before visiting, but feel free to bring donations of school supplies like chalk or paper from home, too. (If schools are not in session, you'll be able to give gifts of t-shirts, socks, and other clothing to local children.)
Details: Serpentine Museum visit
Learn about the life cycles, diets and habitats of Costa Rica's native snakes and watch as they slither around in their simulated environments.
Day 6 Monteverde--Guanacaste
Travel to Papagayo Gulf
Free time on Guanacaste Beach
Details: Travel to Guanacaste
Mosey on through Costa Rica’s “Old West.” Cows, horses, and sauderos (Costa Rican cowboys) ride across the sun-struck landscape of this arid region. Seek out the local Guancaste tree, whose oddly shaped seedpods have given it the name “Monkey Ear Tree.”
Details: Palo Verde boat tour
Hop on this river boat for a cruise through the murky water and into the scraggly mangroves of the Palo Verde National Park. Keep a look out for American alligators sunning themselves on the banks, white-faced monkeys swinging through the branches and colorful macaws flying overhead as you make your way through the park.
Day 7 Guanacaste
Free time on Guanacaste Beach
Day 8 End tour

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    Day 8 Start river rafting extension
    Details: Whitewater rafting guided excursion
    Test your paddling skills on this thrilling whitewater rafting trip. An experienced guide will help you navigate the rapids that rush through the delightfully lush scenery of the rainforest. No experience is required — just bring your sense of adventure and prepare to get wet!
    Day 9 End tour
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