Benelux, Paris & London

July 10, 2016  -  July 18, 2016

We woke up feeling pretty fresh today and ready to really see more of Amsterdam. It was a warm summers day for our morning visit to the Van Gogh museum. It is a great exhibition space showing masterpieces and self portraits from throughout his career. After admiring the Sunflowers, among others, Alex took us on an afternoon of discovery. We walked through the Vondel Park and watched the Amsterdam marathon in action. We had free time for lunch and souvenir shopping around the Liedseplein theatre district then strolled past the flower market and looked at tulips. We passed through the busy shopping street to get to an oasis of calm in the Bejginhof, a former residential area for nuns, including the holder house in Amsterdam, dating from the 1400s. We had more free time for shopping around the Dam Square area, and then had dinner together of traditional Dutch Hotpotch with meatballs.