Ms. Janzen's D-Day Paris, Vimy & Normandy

April 17, 2014  -  April 26, 2014

Bonjour a tous! I 'm Stephan "Froggy", your French Tour Director for our coming Battlefield Tour ! This is a unique chance for you to sample and understand what the Old World has to offer ! The hustle and bustle of the glamorous Champs Elysees, the glittering Iron Lady, Napoleon's resting well as powerful WW1 memorials inthe North of France and Belgium, awesome gothic Cathedrals, the bloody D-Day beaches of Normandy; hard to imagine that a great cataclysm took place here when visiting these seaside towns and quaint villages resting on green slopes... Norman cows await in bombed out bunkers ! For some of you, we'll add a German touch with Berlin sights and a moving concentration camp or Jewish museum ! Getting excited ? I am ! So, bring a pair of good walking shoes, a raingear + sunglasses and let's explore ! A bientot les amis. Froggy.