Rome, Venice & Tuscany

April 12, 2014  -  April 20, 2014

Buongiorno! I would like to introduce myself: my name is Paola and I will be meeting you in Rome on Sunday when you arrive for your wonderful Rome, Venice and Tuscany tour... Everything is ready for your arrival, we can't wait to greet you! These three photos are only a glimspe of all the wonders you will be seeing in the next days: you will discover Imperial Rome, the Vatican City, the baroque piazzas, but you will also get a sample of Rome's everyday life, the busy streets, the good food and Dolce Vita.... literally, sweet life! After Rome's hustle... Venice will be quite a change! No cars, but many, many boats: canals replace the streets, bridges interconnect the over 100 islands the city is built on, making it one big pedestrian area. You will marvel at the Venetian Gothic style of the Doge's Palace and enjoy the city's beauty and unique setting. Tuscany will unveil some of it's wonders to you when visiting Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, but also on our journey through the countryside to discover two small towns that seem trapped in time... Volterra and San Giminiano, and finally Siena with the shell-shaped Piazza del Campo, where the centuries old traditional horse race of the Palio comes to life twice a year - all the inhabitants are involved in the preparation, the festivities, the traditional celebrations - to them it is a matter of life or death! I am looking forward to showing you all this - and make you fall in love with Italy more than you are already. A presto!