Engard Hawaii: The Aloha Way of Life

June 20, 2011  -  June 26, 2011

Aloha Kenneth (let me know if you prefer Ken), My name is Laurence Currier and I will be your Tour Director on your upcoming Explorica tour. I just thought I would introduce myself and tell you how much I am looking forward to meeting you and leading your Explorica tour. Since I have an Airport Greeter badge I will be waiting for you at your arrival gate at the Honolulu airport. Please remember if there are any last minute changes to your flight please contact the Explorica Emergency line at once. If there are any other things I should know about like last minute changes to the room list, dietary concerns, birthdays, etc. please let me know. I will be easy to spot as I'll most likely be the only one at the arrival gate plus I'll have 25 leis I'll be greeting everyone with but I've also attached a photo of myself. I will have 2 cell phones with me at all times, one is 808-479-8989, the other is 858-412-9373. I'm excited about sharing many of the wonderful, amazing things that Hawaii and it's culture have to offer with you and your group. Laurence