June 22, 2016  -  June 24, 2016

Hello, so nice to meet you guys! I'm Jacob, a tour guide and student at Queen's University in Political Science and I can't wait for our tour!! What a day! I met this eager and energetic group in the afternoon today after their drive up from New York. Sounds like the drive was a pleasant one though that passed pretty quickly. We met at the St. Patrick Basilica, a beautiful church in downtown Montreal. We first checked out Montreal’s Olympic plaza, right next to the Church and then we learned about the history and significance of this Irish Catholic parish and got to explore the inside. Next we hopped back aboard the bus to trek up beautiful Mont Royal, the mountain in the centre of the city for which Montreal is named! What amazing views and pictures and good times we had here. Next we had a hearty dinner at Brisket’s of the famous traditional Montreal smoked meat and other delicacies. Finally it was time to return to the hotel to rest up. Excited for tomorrow!