Spain & Portugal

February 12, 2016  -  February 20, 2016

Hi everyone!! Ok, this is the first chapter of the diary, the one in which your tour director introduces himself to the readers and announces what the trip is going to be. Let's begin by the end, announcing the trip is going to be great!!! My name is Daniel Cerrada, I'm 41 years old and I live in Madrid, where I was born. I studied English Philology at University with the idea of becoming a teacher of English language. I was a teacher for three years, two in Spain and one more in the US, teaching Spanish at Fairfax High School, VA. Right after coming back I decided to switch to another field, so I began dedicating my time to tourism. I worked for a company as a local guide in Madrid, and finally, I got into Explorica, and this is the nineth year I work for Explorica, and about the twentieth tour or so that I will lead around Spain. So far all of them have been successful, so I won't let this one to be less! I will be writing about the places that we will visit during the trip and posting beatiful pictures that I hope you all will enjoy. I am so glad there will be so many people back in the US sharing our tour by using this diary!! At this time you will be probably closing all luggage to get to the airport, don't forget your cameras, try to get some sleep during the flight, you will be arriving in Madrid in the afternoon, which means there is still a lot of the day ahead right after landing and there will be so many places to visit. Specially, it's important for you to know that we have a visit to the Prado museum that same afternoon!! Right after getting your luggage, that's where you will meet me, ready to take you everywhere!! So have a nice flight, and I will see you soon!! Weather update: We might have rain with us during the weekend, so have your umbrellas ready; then beginning on Monday temperatures are expected to drop drastically. going even below 0º C!!!

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