Cuba in Depth

June 13, 2016  -  June 24, 2016

Hi! My name is Sylvia Knight and I'm your US Tour Director. I'm looking forward to meeting and traveling with my wonderful Minneapolis group. I'm sure we will have an exciting time sight-seeing, tasting new foods and exploring Cuba together. Can't wait to meet you all. (Nos vemos pronto!) See you soon! So, Our tríp Begins this morning with the arrival of our students at Miami International Airport Once they arrive and we meet our bus driver we will be heading to Little Havana for some lunch, and fun in the sun as we travel through the streets of Calle Oche. Oh what a day. So much was done. We visited Domino Park, Tower Theater, walked the streets viewing memorials, taking pictures and mental notes. Along the way we stopped and enjoyed a little cortadito, whisked out way to the Tobacco Factory, watched the masterful hands as they rolled the Cigars to perfection. As the scorched our afternoon we crossed over to the other side of the street, stopped by Azucar Ice cream Co. Entered Cubaocho and admired art and loaded our bus after also visiting Bay of Pigs. After pictures off we went to Biscayne for a 2 hour stop and then off to dinner at EL CRISTO. Whew, time to rest. Till tomorrow. Nite nite.