Boston, New York City & Washington, DC

March 19, 2017  -  March 25, 2017

Hi everybody. My name is steve saunders and i will be your tour director/guide until you all head home, except for the erwin group who will meet julie young in NY on your last day. You might land in snow showers, but no real accumulation. Do dress warm as we will be outside most of the day. I am including a picture of the boston commons, capitol and me taken on friday. See you tomorrow. Everybody in. We walked part of the freedom trail starting at the public gardens. Cheers, make way for ducklings, state house, kings chapel, granuary cemetery where hancock, sam adams rever and mother goose buried. Old state house, dinner at quincy market, then to reveres house, and most important, mikes pastry. Everybody knows mikes. Gave them instructions on the line. There is none. Get towards the front and catch their eye