Amsterdam & Paris

May 28, 2015  -  June 3, 2015

Hello Hello ! Bonjour Bonjour ! My name is Farid Naciri and I will be your Tour Director for your coming journey in Amsterdam & Paris ! I am very excited in getting to meet you all soon and share some rich, fun and memorable moments. Travelling is my passion and Amsterdam & Paris offers so much in terms of culture, arts, history, monuments, food, beauties, entertainment, shopping ... that our challenge will be to do it all, or as much as can be done, in the smoothest possible way :-) I am sure everybody on your side is actively preparing their trip. The weather at this time of year in Europe should be somewhere between cool rainy/sunny to nice and sunny. It gets of course colder at night. Thus, multiple layer combinations with matching colors could be the best option. A rain jacket is always useful in case of rain, wind or cold in the evening. You will be travelling by high-speed train, thus, lighter bags will make the journey more comfortable. I will be posting daily text and pictures on this Tour Diary so please make sure your family and friends are aware of it. They will thus, be able to travel virtually with us ! You will find attached my picture so as to recognize me easily at the airport :-) Can't wait to meet you all :-) We will be one single group, thus, we should have lots of flexibility ! See you all at Amsterdam airport on Friday May 29th ! . Wish you all a nice flight, some sleep in the plane ... and meet you all soon for some memorable times in Europe ! Your Tour Director, Farid@Explorica.