Summer 2011 Student Photo Contest

Announcing the Summer 2011 Photo Contest Winners

Of the hundreds of fantastic entries we received, these photos excelled at capturing the truly amazing experiences that students and group leaders have on our tours. The winners of the contests will be receiving gift cards courtesy of Explorica for a job well done.

Check out the winners from our teacher contest as well.

2011 Summer Photo Contest First Place | Explorica
Krystan F. - Fallen Flowers in Barcelona
First Place
$500 Gift Card
2011 Summer Photo Contest Second Place | Explorica
Sorrentinan Private Beach from Above
Second Place
$300 Gift Card
2011 Summer Photo Contest Third Place | Explorica
Jennie T. - The View from Charles de Gaulle
Third Place
$150 Gift Card
2011 Summer Photo Contest Honorable Mention | Explorica
Hagan W. - What a Stroll in France
Honorable Mention
$75 Gift Card
2011 Summer Photo Contest Honorable Mention | Explorica
The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul
Honorable Mention
$75 Gift Card
2011 Summer Photo Contest Honorable Mention | Explorica
Go Straight and Take a Left at the Coliseum. Imagine That!
Honorable Mention
$75 Gift Card


Fancy yourself a bit of a shutterbug? Think you could fill your shopping cart with $500 worth of books, movies, video games, electronics and more? Then submit your photos of your 2011 tour to Explorica's Participant Photo Contest.

Just pick up to 7 of your best shots from your tour, submit them online, and you may just be well on your way to $500 worth of free stuff.

photo contest details

The Prize Patrol

7 entries of experiential images will be chosen and displayed on our website.

  • 1st place- $500 to
  • 2nd place- $300 to
  • 3rd place- $150 to
  • 4 Honorable Mentions- $75 each to

Contest Rules

The Explorica Participant Photo Contest is open to spring 2011 Explorica participants traveling between June 1, 2011 and August 15, 2011 with birthdates after 1988. All photos submitted must be the original work of the Explorica participant submitting them.

We will accept submissions for the summer 2011 contest until August 31, 2011. Winners will be announced on September 15, 2011 on our website.

View the complete rules for the Participant Photo Contest.

Explorica Participant Photo Contest Official Rules

What We're Looking For

Overall Requirements

If your eyes are really on that prize, follow these few quick suggestions to maximize your winning potential:

  • The higher the resolution the better. Shoot for 300 dpi or greater by using at least a 3-megapixel camera set to a resolution of 2048x1080 or better.
  • Only color images will be accepted.

Experiential Photos

  • A photo that goes beyond a posed snapshot in front of a monument
  • A candid photo which shows you and your group experiencing something unique to the culture you’re visiting
  • A photo of an authentic activity or situation shared by your group during your Explorica tour.


Walking      Iwo Jima at dusk-Explorica      Around the World One Step at a Time- Explorica 2010      Mykonos Windmill Explorica Trip 2010

View entries from last year's contest. 

If you have any questions, please email

How to Submit Your Entry

It's really pretty easy, but we've broken it down into five quick steps:

  1. Upload your photos to Don't have a Flickr account? No worries. You can easily create one at
  2. Join the Explorica Summer 2011 US Student Photo Contest group. It's as easy as going to, then clicking Join This Group. Welcome to the club!
  3. Then, submit photos to the Explorica Summer 2011 US Student Photo Contest group by clicking "Send to Group" on each photo's page. Now, everybody can check out your photos.
  4. Label your photo with the following elements:

    A descriptive title
        - Bad example: Image_50395
        - Good example: “Watching an authentic Spanish bullfight - Explorica”

    Tags that include “Explorica”, your location and the activity
        - Bad example: “Washington D.C., museum”
        - Good example: “National Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C., The Wright Brothers, Explorica 2011 Tour” 

    A compelling caption 
        - Bad example: “Sightseeing.”
        - Good Example: “Basking in the Mediterranean sun as we explored the beach towns of the Côte d’Azur.”

5. Finally (whew!), email us your high-resolution copies of your submissions at, including the following information:

  • Your full name and Tour ID
  • Your school
  • The name of your trip

Also, we'd love it if you'd either zip or stuff your photos. If you experience file-size trouble, try using, a free site that enables you to send files larger than your email server may allow.

Special Note: Future Explorica materials may include photographs submitted to the contest. By entering the contest you consent to the use of your photographs and photographic likenesses.